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According to media reports everywhere, Rod Blagojevich has been freed based on an appeals court throwing out 5 of his convictions.  Now…..if this means he’s rolling over finally on Daley, Jackson and OBAMA, this is a wonderful thing!!  This site will be his #1 Cheerleader!!!

We have to wonder however about the timing of this.  This could have been the arrangement with the POTUS, because lets be completely honest… could Rod have tried to sell Obama’s Senate Seat…..without OBAMA knowing??

Let’s watch and see. is back on the air!!!

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Dear Jesse Jr…

“Insanity” didn’t work for Blago….I don’t think it will for Jesse either.

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Where’s Jesse Jr.???

Where is Jesse Jackson Jr.? Having a nervous breakdown….that’s where.

July 11, 2012 – Where’s Jesse Jackson Jr.??  Lying low until the after the election is my guess.

I don’t think you need tea leaves or Tarot Cards to see what is happening here.  I’m going to put on my Ms. Cleo outfit none the less and take a stab at what’s cooking in the Jackson camp and Operation Push headquarters right now.

Jackson was implicated in the Rod Blagojevich trial of trying to BUY the Senate seat that President Obama once held.  We’ve heard very little about that case since it broke, but have heard that there is an ongoing Congressional Ethics Committee investigation that could lead to criminal charges, which could lead to JAIL, with Rod.

About a month ago, reality set in for Jesse when reports of Rod cleaning bathrooms in his Colorado jail came out.  This is a possibility for Jackson and what an embarrassing one at that.  They need time.  They need to coordinate doctors and their stories.  Here’s how I predict, it’s going to go down.

(in my best Ms. Cleo voice) The Jackson family, or their doctors are going to announce that Jesse Jr. is suffering from a mental disorder, possibly that lead to a substance abuse (alcohol etc..), and has been ongoing for years, but he is now seeking help for his condition (finally!).

Of course, this not being of sound mind, will come into play when the Congressional investigation announces that yes, he did indeed, try to negotiate a deal to BUY his way into the United States Senate, so all will be dropped and of course all the GOOD the Congressman and his daddy have done will play into the decision as well, to just “drop it”.  When the outrage festers and people start coming into the streets demanding equal justice, Jesse Sr. will call this the act of “Racism” and denounce the Congressional as a racist sham and call for a race war.  Sounding the horn for this race war will be the good Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  President Obama…..will be busy golfing in Detroit. 😉

Right about the time all of this is taking place…….(our former Governor) #40892-424, will be called out of the television room for a cleanup in Stall 9.

Jesse Jackson Jr. and his daddy are trying to figure out a way to fall from Grace…..gracefully, and without being Rod’s bitch in Colorado next year….and what could be worse for President Obama? I still find it hard to believe that he didn’t know any of these back-door deals were going on.

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See you in 14 years Rod!

I can’t believe this man’s audacity to come out here in his last opportunity to do the right thing, to give us the old-school Rod “The Truth Will Come Out” BS.  The “truth” DID come out, Rod.  Tell us something that’ll shock us all, Rod.  You had the opportunity to tell the truth and I, and a lot of other people have very little pity for you anymore.  At one time over the holidays, even I was beginning to feel sorry for you and your family.  Not after this, though.

I pray I’m alive to see the day that Daley joins you.   You, and the rest of the criminal legislators have sent this state into an unrecoverable spin.  While you’re looking at snow-capped mountains 1010 miles away, I now understand your wish not to remain in Illinois.  It is the act of a true coward, to run.  Out of sight….out of mind, right Rod?

You’re a coward, Blago….plain and simple.

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Right when even I was starting to feel sorry for them….

THIS (NBC Story of Patti on The Pig’s, show) turns up online.

I clicked the link.  I don’t know why….I guess it’s Train Wreck Syndrome.  I can’t stand Rosie, but I was starting to get sympathetic to the Blago family when the Christmas story about them getting a puppy to replace their Dad, aired (poor dog).

5 seconds into the video, I turned it off because Rosie, started the interview off with “When the FBI broke into your house in the morning, <CLICK>.  Closed the link because if the first 5 seconds were bullshit, the rest would be, too.
FACT: The FBI was courteous enough to Phone First and ask you to open the door so as not to totally throw the kids into a panic.

Patti….give it a f’ing rest.  There’s no one but your Dad, and your husband, to blame for this entire ordeal.  You’re setting a TERRIBLE example for your children.  You’re teaching them, that even when you lie, cheat, steal and abuse the publics’ trust, that if you simply DENY, DENY, DENY…..all is ok.  If I were with DCFS, I’d start proceedings to remove your children from your home.  Tell them the truth.  Daddy F’d UP and got caught.  BIG BALLS DON’T ALWAYS WIN!  Oh yeah….and their Grandpa is a POS.

…and for God’s sake…..give the puppy away.  The kids will take all their frustrations out on the poor thing and don’t expect one to rat out the other, because you and Rod have taught them that “Family Secrets” are the most important thing in life.

Oh yeah….and Rosie….you’re still a comedic hack and suck as a talk-show host.  But then, that’s just my opinion.

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Time to replay things…..

First….Happy Belated Birthday Rod.  I think for the first time in all my years of blogging about you, I saw a truly humbled man tonight in a news interview about the family adopting a new dog.  I have to admit, that when first hearing this story I assumed it was just another BS manufactured story to reflect on the Blagojevich family and wonderful they are.  Why wouldn’t I?  Look at everything we’ve been forced to endure, since his fist being accused of selling Obama’s Senate seat.  Every move they’ve made, every interview, every camera shot, was carefully calculated to get the biggest bang, for their buck by a PR firm, or attorney.  Now it’s over.  It doesn’t matter, and I have to admit, even I feel bad for them.  I think most of my feelings are for the kids, but in that interview on Fox News, you didn’t see “angry Patty” either, but for the first time ever…..I think we’ve seen a defeated Patty, who now really needs to step up the “mom” job.

The kids are reading a lot, seeing a lot on TV and probably hearing things constantly at home, yet, it’s their dad everyone’s talking about and sometimes, no matter what they say, it doesn’t matter.  Some day they might find out that he was probably set up by the higher-ups to divert attention from the real issues at hand.  A seated U.S. President who very well may have known about what was going on, but to acknowledge that would put a ripple in everything “American” that people for too long now, have seen….but ignored.

Yeah…..Rod’s going to jail.  I would much rather it be the real criminals, though.

(to be continued….)

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warming up a whole new crowd…

There’s talk of a new NBC Reality Show setting up as we speak.  With Trump’s Presidential debate falling apart before it even airs, there’s a rumor that cameras are being installed at 2 Federal penitentiaries (ala CBS’s Big Brother Reality Show).  Inmates are already screaming about “Hey, I’m in JAIL! Can you leave me alone now?” that’s going to be airing sometime in the first quarter of 2012 (ok…not really, but you know they’re talking!)  The show will of course be centered around the 4th Illinois Governor to go to jail, Rod Blagojevich.  While Leno cracks jokes in his Monologue about Rod, the draw to this show will obviously be when Rod finally tells all.  One of the most pressing questions on anyone’s mind in this (yet another) post-conviction era of Illinois Governors sent to prison, and probably the single biggest fear of his new neighbors (or cellmates!), will be THOSE BALLS!

Testicular Virility Man as seen in 2005!

Most likely having landed in prison from an investigation triggered by his very own father-in-law, Chicago alderman Dick Mell after a family argument, Rod bragged about his Testicular Virility earning him the coveted “Testicular Virility Man” cartoon debuting here 8 years ago on (yeah…..I’ve been at this too long).

All kidding aside, and not wanting Rod’s balls to go to the wayside now that it’s all said and done, I commissioned my ace on-the-spot artist Dave Curbis for something a little more up to date and with the times, pertaining to Rod and his unbelievably stupidity, and yes….balls.  Dave graced me with this little ditty, that I had to share.  I’m calling it “Dec my Balls, bitch!”  Let’s face it…Rod’s destine to be the top-banana in prison.  We now know that Rod not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk….even when it’s off a plank!   The only cliff-hangers now will be, will the obvious people soon join him? Lot’s of people are squirming right now, from current and former Congressmen to a sitting President, because anyone who believes that the man seated in the White House right now, HAD NO IDEA THAT ANY OF THIS WAS GOING ON RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE, is either just plain stupid, or will have to plea the 5th.  If this investigation stops with Blagojevich, justice will not had been done and it will prove once and for all, that both of Rod’s trials were in fact, nothing more than a dog n pony show specifically designed by some very high-up people, to draw attention off of the truth.

Merry Christmas Rod and Family, but you apparently STILL haven’t done the right thing, and all the faith in God, isn’t going to lessen your sentence now.


Them Balls

"Dec the balls, Bitch!"

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I’ll say it again……



(June 27, 2011) GO TO JAIL ROD!  DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200! You CAN though, hand deliver a message for us all in telling George Ryan, that he’s in GOOD COMPANY!  Maybe you and George can laugh it up about Patti eating spiders while fighting for the toilet some night soon!

I would also like to sincerely thank U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald and F.B.I. Special Agent in Charge of Chicago, for their relentless pursuit of these turds who for the last 12 years have duped the people into thinking that politics in Illinois are about the “people”.  Politics in Illinois are about the status, money and clout you have, and nothing else!

Everyone on the news tonight is talking about how Rod’s own party disowned him long ago.  OF COURSE THEY DID, and you can probably nail down the day to the day when the original story about the Feds possibly listening to Blagojevich, broke!  There isn’t a Democrat in Illinois who’s sleeping well tonight because know this……Rod Blagojevich, a politician literally manufactured by Richie Daley,  is a little shook… say the least.  This is a man who for the last 930 days since the FBI came to his house and arrested him, laughingly believed that the people were that stupid, that they’d let him off of his crimes.  Who could possibly believe that Rod, the guy who gave free rides to seniors, was capable of this?  The answer to that question is of course, the 12 jurors in this most recent trial.

For those who conveniently forget, Rod’s original claim to fame was solely do to his father-in-law, Chicago Alderman Richard Mell, his first job in politics was for Eddie Vrdolyak.  He then went on to become an assistant State’s Attorney under Richie Daley, who just loved Rod because he’d do anything, no matter how ridiculous.  Then with Daley’s official nod and blessing, Rod was brought into Congress as “the guy with the funny name!”.  He gained fame when he tried to ban .50 caliber guns and ammo (because those are the weapons of choice for gang-bangers, right? lol!).  He took on the NRA with Daley & Chicago’s endless pockets and political backing only to lose miserably but like Daley, his motto was “Even Bad Publicity, Is Good Publicity”.  He didn’t win his congressional seat from the voters….he won it because of his father-in-law and Richie Daley, again believing that he’ll do anything, no matter how stupid it may seem!  Yeah…..they were right.

Blagodope unfortunately, started believing his own BS.  People who were making things up about how wonderful a guy he was and how capable a politician he was were all on Rod’s short-list.  His wife Patti, (former truck driver turned Real Estate mogul) turned out to be his chief enabler.  Having his ear 24/7, even Patti started to taste the things that could be, if they played their cards right.

One thing they had to do under any circumstance, was to keep the Democrats in power in Springfield.  How could

Rod Blagojevich all but literally sent personal invitations to illegal aliens in Mexico looking for someplace to land

Rod Blagojevich all but literally sent personal invitations to illegal aliens in Mexico looking for someplace to land

they guarantee to do that?  By providing entitlements for millions of illegal aliens who were flocking to Illinois upon hearing about “All Kids” legislation.  The state already guaranteed them schooling by banning schools from demanding “proof of residency” by way of a birth certificate.  What else could they ask for?  They have Welfare, they can work for cash without paying income taxes, they get free schooling for their children and now, free healthcare!  IT’S A GREAT COUNTRY, AMERICA!  Unfortunately someone, has to pay for these freebies and it turned out to be you and  me.


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Blago: “Sentence Me! Please!” (something stinks here!)

The Chicago Tribune and other media outlets are now reporting that Blago is asking to be sentenced now on his crime he didn’t commit. lol.

Ok……so for years we heard “when the truth comes out, I’ll be vindicated!”, and now….with the retrial getting ready to start, he’s singing a different tune and no one is getting the implications of this? What could POSSIBLY make Blagodope change his mind about Jail? Could it be……Rahm taking office?

Could it be that Obama’s involvement WILL come out in this retrial? Sure…..put it off until he’s at LEAST out of office. At least then, years later, it won’t seem as bad that the President of the United States actually help sell his old Senate seat, right?

It also won’t matter that Rahm helped him 5 years down the road because he’ll have had plenty of time to charm Chicagoans by then. He could be killing little kittens in some weird ritual and people wouldn’t believe it because he WAS the CHOSEN one, wasn’t he??

Here’s my take on this new development. Obama and Emmanuel have both been notified that they WILL BE TESTIFYING IN THIS UPCOMING RE-TRIAL, and the information brought forth from this NEW testimony will bury both of them. Therefore, Blago has been told to suck it up and say hi to George Ryan.

It’s always been the theory that crimes are not as serious when addressed years after they’ve been committed, especially with politicians.

I don’t think Blago should have a choice in this. The people have right to know what this scumbag did while in office and who helped him do it…..period.

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Did Jay Leno hit the nail on the head?

A couple of nights ago, I was watching Jay Leno after the local news on NBC5 Chicago.   He got right into the news of the day about Chinese President  Hu Jintao spending a few days in Chicago, and had this to say about it…

“While visiting Chicago, President Hu met with Cubs fans. Apparently, he wanted to see some Americans who have suffered more human rights violations than his own people.

Even though President Hu was only in Chicago for two days, by the Rahm Emanuel standard, he was able to establish residency and can now run for mayor of Chicago

Is there anything about Chicago that won’t make it the butt of every joke?

Look….he even left clothes and stuff packed away in his house! Bwahahaha!

That, had to be one of the dumbest supposed precedents I’d ever heard.  People all over, have homes they’ve moved out of (keeping them as investment properties), and moved on.  I still have a few things in my mother’s house.  Does that mean that I can vote as Cook County resident now as well?  I don’t think so.

“But….he still pays taxes on his home on Hermitage Ave”.   Yes….because he still owns it.  Anyone who owns property in Chicago, has to pay taxes on it, EVEN IF THEY LIVE OUT OF TOWN, AND NOT IN THAT HOUSE!  That’s one of the dumbest excuses I’ve heard yet.

Here’s the bottom line for all the sheep in Rahm’s herd….  The City of Chicago states that you must live IN the city limits for a “year” PRIOR to running for office.  ( a year, is defined legally as being 365 days!) If he lived here, 360 of the 365 days of prior year, then he doesn’t qualify….period.  Silly?  Maybe…maybe not.

The Residency Requirement in Chicago has been used and challenged on hundreds of occasions and to be honest, I can’t think of one time that they (being the City of Chicago), lost.

A few more serious questions regarding Rahm, are now….did he file his amended Illinois tax return with the intent to commit fraud?  Did he commit Vote-Fraud by voting here in Chicago in the last elections?  Did he commit perjury when testifying before the board of Elections, knowing that he was not eligible?   This ruling will open up Pandora’s Box.

It’s just not the same Chicago as when you left, Rahm.’s a bitch, eh?

(we can only hope that Patrick Fitzgerald is taking notes.)

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