Posted by: blagoblogger | December 9, 2008

Blago was setting up his “Mother Teresa” background for a long time, waiting for this day.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and “The Ryan Syndrome”.

Watching Fox News Chicago’s coverage of this unbelievable story, Fox’s Political reporter Larry Yellen said that like Ryan and his death-row pardons, anything Blago does now will be seen as something to try and make him not look so bad to the people, when in fact, Blagojevich has been doing these very things since the Feds started investigating him 2 years ago.

He, unlike George Ryan, had a head start on constructing that silver-dollar halo over his head but it appears his luck has run out.  Anyone who sees ANYTHING Blagojevich has done while in office as good, has rose colored glasses on.  Everything he has done, he’s done so when and if the hammer ever dropped on him, he could look and say “but, look, I gave all those kids insurance!” (even though his lame-brained schemes bankrupted our state!)

Could I be elected Governor of Illinois if I promised the voters that I’d give them all a $100,000.00 check or tax rebate?  Probably.  Could the state ever in reality do that?  No.

This is what Blago has done since he took over Ryan’s dirty seat.  He didn’t even change Ryan’s sear cushion.  Why bother?

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald also brought the SEIU into the conversation this morning in his news conference.  A union known throughout the state as the largest “immigrant” union in the country with a known goal of legalization of undocumented immigrants.  Of course….who better to “organize” illegals.

This investigation will like the coroner cutting open that body that’s been at the bottom of the lake for years.  The stuff that comes out of it will be sickening, but not surprising.  I would not doubt for a minute that they are taking this route, to get to Dick Daley.

I wonder how long it will take for Barack Obama to throw Blago under the bus with the rest of the people who helped get him where he is today and at what point the people will stop and say “Barack Obama had to know what all was going on here all through his term and run for the White House”.



  1. Nice blog. In case you missed it, you should really check out Blago’s interview with Rachel Maddow from MSNBC last night. It was hilarious, with highlights including Blago calling himself the “Anti-Nixon” and saying that what he was really trying to get in exchance for the Senate seat was health care and jobs for the people of Illinois. 😀

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