Posted by: blagoblogger | December 11, 2008

Remembering the guy with “the funny name”…

That’s how he was marketed, if you remember.  “The guy with the funny name”.   Nobody could pronounce it, (and now we wish we never heard it!) Daley joked about it in news conferences when endorsing him time after time and every news agency and media outlet helped him along. The guy with the funny name got the seat, because of the Machine…and for no other reason.

Rod’s claim to fame was the attemped bill banning .50 caliber gun sales in Illinois, because, come on….it IS the weapon of choice in crimes, isn’t it?  What?  Not one shooting in the last 6 years in Chicago was shot by a .50 caliber?  Say it ain’t so!

Knowing that the primary concern of Blago was to line his pockets and secure his and his family’s future, we now need to look at every major bill he pushed through the legislature, like the Medical Malpractice Limits bill.  This was supposedly proposed to “keep doctors in Illinois” as Blago and company told us that doctors were heading for the borders because the insurance rates were so high in Illinois.  About the same time that was pushed, Crain’s Chicago Business (search “more doctors in Illinois” on their website) ran a story that directly conflicted with that information stating that the net licenses for doctors in Illinois was actually up from the previous years!

Now who do you think really benefited the most from that legislation?  Doctors?  Ask a Doctor in Illinois if their malpractice insurance rates have gone down!  Then look at the bottom line for Illinois’ insurance companies.  It doesn’t take an idiot to figure out that the Insurance companies were the big winners here and after his arrest yesterday and reading the complaints, you have to wonder what Blago did to negotiate with them for his help with that legislation?  Something, was in it for him.

Every company he or his liasons have been dealing with need to be looked into.  I mean…look at the hair-brained ideas he’s been coming up with lately from selling (or leasing for 99 years) the Illinois Lottery, or selling the Illinois Tollway.  Who would he get such ridiculous ideas from?  Dick Daley immediately comes to mind, I mean after all, he groomed Blago to be his bag-boy in the capitol and then Rod went and got all greedy on him.  Don’t you wonder now, why Blago refused to give Daley a casino in Chicago???
Was Dick not offering him enough of the cut?

The “pro-illegal immigration” organization ICIRR (Illinois Coalition for Refugee and Immigrants Rights) got millions of dollars a year and their main purpose was clearly, to promote the Democratic idiolgy like Congressman Luis Gutiurez’s and the governor’s far left belief’s for legalizing the undocumented people in the state with the hope of turning them into legal voters.

Illinois politics suck, and have for a long time.

After watching Jesse Jackson Jr. on TV tonight vehemently denying offering anything to Blago, you just have to know that in the coming days it’s going to be spelled out for us that he was indeed, involved up to his ears!  Deny, Deny, Deny!!!  The Democtratic motto!

I can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow and see what new “news” is out there because this is really opening the Pandora’s Box of Illinois politics and it’s needed to be opened for years.

Also just FYI, the Dems have also used the “funny name” marketing ploy in the election of several key political seats in the state, including Alexi what’s his name and our new President-Elect.  I think we need to start looking a Smith’s and Jone’s this time around, huh??


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