Posted by: blagoblogger | December 14, 2008

Chicago Tribune’s John Kass and “Dead Meat Blago”…

Chicago Tribune’s John Kass is my hero.  He’s been calling it like it is for a lot of years now.  I don’t think anyone has laid out Chicago politics like John has.

His story today kind of touches on the Blago Caper possibly spreading like a disease.  You could only hope, right?  To get the real dope on this story though you have to go back to the beginning, or at least to when Obama decided to run for the office of President.

First, I can’t believe Obama pulled it off, but when you look at the money spent and the “Machine” that was giving him his momentum, Alfred E. Newman could have made that run and won.  Barack Obama had no intention of serving the people of Illinois as their U.S. Senator.  He knew he’d be on the campaign trail his entire first term.  He campaigned on a  “Change” platform, and did absolutely nothing.  He led the Senate in “no-vote” votes  since being in office.   He was that  snake-oil salesman who captivated anyone who listened to him speak, and bought what he had to sell at every opportunity.  Wait……..isn’t that what Blago did to a “T” and these stupid people fell for it again?

I was down by DePaul University one day in the summer and a bunch of college kids passed me all wearing their “Obama” and “CHANGE”  buttons.  I asked them why he would make such a good President, and they all said (almost in harmony..) “Because he’ll bring CHANGE!” looking at me like I was a lepar for even asking.  I looked at them and said “but what has he done for the State of Illinois since he’s been in office?   He said he was going to ‘change’ things here too and hasn’t done a thing for us!”  They all looked at each other like they were lost.  Then when I asked if they knew he  was the single senator with the most “no-vote” votes in the Senate, they looked like I was trying to rob them or something.  Then one kid says “so!  He’s busy, he needs to campaign.  He needs to win so he could bring change to this country!  We can’t take any more of GWB’s bs anymore”.  I laughed and walked away having proved what I set out to prove.  It didn’t take much to brainwash the young voters of this country.  It was a choice between a (half) black guy with charisma and a great smile, or an old fart who was (ewwww!) a Republican.

Wasn’t that almost the exact set up for the Illinois Gubernatorial race though too?  Everyone was so disappointed by George Ryan’s indictment and later convictions that there was no way they were going to vote for a “Republican” again, only now are they realizing that this isn’t a “Party” problem, it’s the “political system” as a whole of which we’ve been putting up with in Illinois for over 50 years.  Chicago Politics killed my father, literally….but that’s a whole other blog for another day.

If there’s one party that’s more corrupt than the other, I would say that the Dem’s have to take the cake, but the Republicans have sold out their constiuents on more than one occasion in this state too,  right down to how House Speaker Dennis Hastert vacated his seat so the Dems aren’t the only bad guys in town.

Now we’re faced with either letting someone in the current legislature “appoint” (cough!)  the vacant Senate seat to someone, or holding a special election which they all balk at because of the cost. The funniest thing on TV this week (next to SNL’s version of Blago of course), was Dick Daley on the news looking all serious saying “oh no….we couldn’t do a special election, it would cost too much like 30 or 40 million dollars!”.  This coming from the guy who’s wasted more money making a giant shiney kidney bean in the middle of Chicago, or who hasn’t blinked an eye because the O’Hare expansion project is billions more than projected and the airlines who were suppose to be helping pay for it, aren’t doing so anymore.  Let’s “sell” the bean Dick.  I’m sure one of your buddies would cough $50M to have it in their yard, or maybe the people at Green Giant would like to slap their logo on it!

I don’t think letting the people of Illinois decide who’s going to replace the Senator (and Governor!) is such a waste of money no matter how much it costs.  What they (Chicago Machine politicians) are really worried about now though, is losing a Democratically held (and almost guaranteed) seat in the Senate.  That’s what this is about when it’s all done and said and we go to bed at night.  Who has the most marbles in their bag come morning.  Unfortunately for Blago, his bag is now empty.  No more marbles for you Rod!  You F’d the whole game you idiot!!! lol!

Politics in Illinois is sickening us all.  You know what it’s like on a hot summer day when you drive past one of those neighborhoods that were built on a landfill and the wind is just right(or wrong!)……even with your windows up, you have to hold back the heaves.  This is how we all feel right now.  We can’t hold our noses anymore because no matter what, you smell it, you taste it and you see it’s disgusting ugly head.

That leads us back to those 6 letters.  C H A N G E.  is it even possible or do we always have to settle for the lessor of 2 evils???

Thank you for once again making me laugh John Kass.  When you’re busy laughing, you’re not thinking about puking from the stench.  When I was watching SNL last night, there was once particular moment that really made me think hard about this and as funny as it was……it wasn’t.  When SNL’s Casey Wilson (playing Sen. Elizabeth Dole) was questioning Jason Sudeikas (who did a “spot-on” impersonation of Blago) said “in my opinion, you are a disgrace to the state of Illinois………well, maybe not to THE state of Illinois……but you know what I’m sayin…..if you were the governor of any…other…state…”. Have we (Illinoians) really grown to accept this from our government and elected officials?

As much as things “change” in Illinois, they really stay the same, don’t they.


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