Posted by: blagoblogger | December 30, 2008

Why is no one talking about the obvious….

It’s time we deter from Governor Blagodope for a few minutes. As much as we know how he loves to see his name everywhere, it’s time to mention the unmentionable; The Obama Factor.

Are we all suppose to believe that the question of  “who would fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat”, just started when Blago started the bidding process??? No one is really that stupid, are they???

This is a “Machine” that thinks so far into the future and figures for every possible variable in that future, that it has now landed one of their home-grown, in the White House.  This wasn’t an accident.

The final transformation is just weeks away and then the entire country will then see what we in Illinois, have been living with for years. Unstoppable corruption.

It’s my personal opinion that U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald told Mr. Obama to hold releasing his report on the “internal investigation of his transition team” for a reason. To stop Obama from embarrassing himself when this whole case becomes public.  He will be implicated.  I can just taste it now and Fitzgerald is sitting back with that Bill Clinton grin on his face right now willing to let Obama bury himself.

To think that no one in the last 2 years has thought about Obama’s replacement is as ridiculous as thinking that Daley was actually remorseful in his destruction of MEIGS FIELD.

President-Elect Obama is in hiding, along with Dick Daley. Why???

I did get a kick out the Chicago Tribune article today about Obama in Hawaii and how the locals call him kamaaina, the Hawaiian word for native born or one who has lived here for some time. Apparently the birth certificate issue is still in the winds as no one has actually seen this original document that is “locked in a safe”. We’ll see I guess…..maybe.

As far as Blago naming Burris to Obama’s Senate seat goes, well….he might as well as named himself because we all know it’s just NOT going to happen. Blago is so oblivious to reality right now, it’s scary and this may very well be setting up his “insanity” defense.


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