Posted by: blagoblogger | January 4, 2009

Roland Burris, Democrats and Fear…

For months now we’ve heard about how “costly” it would be to hold a special election to fill the second Illinois Senate seat, even though it’s actually been vacant for over 2 years now.  We’ve seen Daley on TV with his deer in the headlights look saying something stupid like “but that would cost the taxpayers 30-40 million dollars!  No, No….that’s too much money to spend!”  This coming from the man who continues to sink billions of dollars into the O’Hare Expansion Project which is going to fail on levels never before seen in this country .  He’s keeping his buddies working though, and that’s what it’s all about, right?

Then, out of the blue pops Roland Burris who Blagodope knew would take some of the heat off of him for a while.   Burris, standing in front of the cameras as though he just hit bucket number 6 on Bozo’s Circus, sees nothing wrong with this appointment.  Nothing at all.  He’s like the kid who pretends like nothing is wrong with walking right up to the bucket and dropping the ball in the bucket only we’re not talking about giving him a bike, a shiny new silver dollar and a new Crayola pencil set.  We’re talking 1 of 2 Senate seats that will represent the people of Illinois.  Something Barack Obama failed miserably in doing because he was too busy campaigning for the Presidency.

Now we have Rahm Emanuel’s vacant congressional seat that the Governor MUST set a special election date for, under Constitutional law within 5 days, SO, why not make it a double election??
The People in Rahm’s district get to vote for his replacemant AND Obama’s.  The rest of us just pick Obama’s replacement.  Sounds almost too easy, doesn’t it?  It is….but the there’s a terrible four letter word involved here that the Democrats have creeping under their fingernails in Illinois as I type.
That four letter word…….  ”   F    E    A    R   “!

Something not normally known to Illinois Democrats but let’s be real here.  This is not getting caught in the men’s room at an airport tapping someone’s foot.  It’s not selling fake Driver’s Licenses and Social Security Cards to illegal aliens.  This is serious and as far as I’m concerned, underminds the integrity of every American in this country and the saddest part about it is that in Illinois…’s business as usual.

When the Chicago FBI Field Director Robert Grant said in a news conference “If this isn’t the most corrupt state in the country, it’s real close to it!”  Daley and the rest of the “Machiners” huffed on their finger nails and buffed them on their lapels because they truly and honestly believe, this will end with the prosecution and jailing of Rod Blagodope.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it suddenly encompasses our new President-Elect.

Letting Illinois Governor Rod Blagodope pick the Senate replacement knowing now, what we do, would be like making the now imprisoned ex-Illinois Governor George Ryan a driver’s license examiner for the Secretary of State’s Office.



  1. So what I’m hearing is that, if Sen. Reid wanted, he could simply “refuse to seat” all the incoming Republicans. After all, if he refuses to seat Burris, that is precisely the authority he claims to have — arbitrary authority over who is seated in the Senate, with no legal basis needed. Why can he refuse to seat Burris on purely political grounds, but is not allowed to refuse to seat, let’s say, one or two Republicans, also on purely political grounds? Either Burris is denied by the State of Illinois, or he is seated in the Senate, or you support a precedent where a dominant party can simply exclude a minority party if they feel like it.

  2. Good argument. But given the circumstances of his appointment are the basis of Reid’s denial.

    If Blagodope were in the clear and not being investigated for trying to SELL that very seat, then no….I would think they would not let him have say over who sits in that chair.

    This has turned into SUCH a cluster***k it’s not funny.

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