Posted by: blagoblogger | January 6, 2009

Feeling sorry for Roland…

Come on…are you kidding me?

We’re talking about the man who demanded people call him “General” when he was the Attorney General in Illinois.

Burris said today “I am the legally appointed Senator for Illinois!” Unfortunately part of that “legal process” includes being signed off by the Illinois Secretary of State, Jesse White, who refused to do so.

As I sit here watching Roland’s news conference where he introduces himself as “The Junior Senator from Illinois”, I’m suddenly thrown back to the day we sat watching O. J. Simpson moseying down the expressway with tons of squad cars in chase (if you could call it that…). I’m glued to the TV and I don’t know why? Part of me feels sorry for Mr. Burris, part of me feels that this has all been carefully scripted to deflect attention from Blago and his ties to Obama!

This is a train wreck in Illinois that just keeps getting worse with every day that passes. NOTHING GOOD could come of anything that’s happened since Blagodope was removed from his home on December 9.

Now, Roland Burris is heading home with his (“Junior Senator”) tail between his legs and vows to fight this appointment with his attorneys.

This is a “circus” in every sense of the word and an embarrassment to the people of Illinois……again.



  1. Hey, nice Blog. Feel free to check out the complete collection of poetry penned by Gov. Blago Shakespeare (Illinois Poet Laureate):


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