Posted by: blagoblogger | January 26, 2009

It’s 12:00 Noon, and Bozo Circus is on the air!!

This entire blog today will be about one thing. The Governor attempting at any cost, to avoid jail time in his criminal convictions soon to come. How will he do that? By having someone find him incompetent to stand trial.

He’s doing a good job. The man is certifiably nuts today. He compared himself to Martin Luther King, Norman Mandella and Mathatma Gandhi. I’m truly surprised however that he hasn’t been making his appearances in his Elvis Presley outfit he bought on eBay.

All Rod Blagojevich wanted to do in life was be an entertainer. He thought he had the stuff. He seemed to walk the walk and talk the talk, but all that time he was apparently making deals under the table wih the people who put him in the position of Governor or Illinois.

In all of this disgrace I think the most dispicable act of this man, was to shake down Children’s Memorial Hospital. THIS is what shows the true Character of Rod Blagojevich. Greed.  It was all about him and what he and his family could get out of it, regardless if it was just a $100,000 state contract, or the jackpot, Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat.

On the flipside of all these atrocities of our Governor, no one is talking about how it got this far in the first place!! This all came as a surprise to everyone?????

I wrote a letter YEARS ago to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald asking him to look into Blagodope’s doling out of millions of state dollars to an organization called the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.  I actually received a reply by Mr. Fitzgerald.  An encouraging sign that someone was in fact, paying attention.

When Blagodope started his “New American Initiative”, many big names were standing at his side. Durbin and Shakowski stand out the most, but Luis Gutierrez shined in this deal as well. This organization sought out, and registered possibly thousands of illegal aliens to vote in the past elections.  For their efforts, The ICIRR received $3 Million Dollars per year for the last 4 years? All to register voters (and shove them to the Democrats of course.

ALL-KIDS, was aimed specifically at giving healthcare to illegal aliens’ children in Illinois. Rod wanted these people on his side. This was the fastest growing ethnic group on the rise here in Illinois so it made total sense to him to accomndate them in any way he could.  Promise them anything……at OUR (the legal taxpayer’s) expense!

What better a draw for illegal aliens to come to Illinois could there possibly be? Free healthcare, free education and other state funded assistance to keep them working in their illegal jobs here in the state.

It’s my personal opinion that every executive order Rod Blagojoke signed while in office, immediately be recinded.

Every Charity or 501(c3) organization who’s rules state clearly in the IRS CODE, not be affiliated with political parties, be looked into and treated accordingly.

Every bill that Rod Blagodope has signed into law (Medical Malpractice Limits comes to mind first) also be looked into because the real winners in this bill, were the insurance buddies of the Governor. The “big contributors”. Remember….everything Rod did….he did for him. Not for us.   Ask any doctor if their Malpractive insurance has gone down at all since.

For this guy to go on television with this scripted sitcom he’s come up with is nothing less that a total and utter disgrace to anyone born and raised in Illinois and has now brought it to a new level.

Chicago being a Sanctuary city of illegal aliens while their murder rate climbs to record levels is never questioned.

Daley will never come out and say “Blago is an idiot” because Daley Created Blago and now Blago is out of control.

Weeks ago one of his former aides made a statement to the local media that he (Blago) should really have a psych evaluation. This was the first indicator that he was going to go after an insanity defense and now he has to play it out.

I can hear the conversation with his daughters right now.

“Kids, Daddy is a good man, like Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi and Oprah Winfrey. You know that, right?

(kids nod..)

Ok….unfortunately because of politics, I have to pretend like I’m a little crazy right now but it’s going to be “funny” crazy, not scary crazy, ok?

(kids nod their heads…)

“Ok then. Patty, find a F***ing job while I’m gone because I have to now pursue my acting career and you’re turning into a dead-beat mom!”

Meanwhile…..back in the Combine offices of Daley and Company, they’re trying their hardest to stay neutral. They can’t condemn him without stamping “HYPOCRITE” across their foreheads because they too soon, may be names on a list of people being investigated by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

I predict in this episode of Bozo….Blago doesn’t even make it to bucket number 1.


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