Posted by: blagoblogger | January 28, 2009

Blagojevich – The Super Hero?

As he rides through the night screaming “they’re lynchin me I tell ya, LYNCHIN!”, there’s only one word to describe him now and it starts with an M.

Illinois Governor Rod "Testicular Virility Man", "Elvis", Blagojevich

Illinois Governor Rod "Testicular Virility Man", "Elvis", Blagojevich

There’s been some hysterical interviews during the “Blago Circus Tour” and the one when he was on the ABC’s, The View, was a great one. He dodged bullets like Jackie Chan in Rush Hour and I think he actually had Joy Behar attracted to him (so he thought anyway), right up to the point when she asked him to do his “Nixon impression”.

You can tell for that nano-second from when she asked him to do it, to when he laughed, he actually thought about putting his fingers out making the victory sign with both hands and saying “I am not a crook”, but being the suave, sophisticated, Chicago-bred politician and now Super Hero that he is, he saw into the future and realized that that snippet would be airing on every known media outlet over and over again for the next 6 months.  Instead, Testicular Virility Man stepped in and took control of the situation that was quickly getting out of hand, and got serious……and again made the claim “he did nothing wrong!, and if you can actually put yourself into Blago-mode and “Rod-Think” for a moment, you can believe, that he BELIEVES the lies he’s told, hook line and sinker.  The guy is an idiot.

Fox News Channel’s Glen Beck however, totally had his way with Rod yesterday as well in an interview where at one point, I think the spray from his outburst in laughing in Blago’s face actually hit Blago.  Click here to see that interview and keep in mind that this is only part one, with part 2 airing tonight on Fox News Channel which Glen promised that it gets much better!!!

Meanwhile, now-unemployed wife Patti sits at home running from room to room making sure the children aren’t watching their daddy make a complete and utter ass out of himself on evirtually every network.  You have to ask yourself what kind of enviroment these children are really being raised in?  How “stable” is the House of Blagojevich? Listening to Patti Blago bitch while Rod talked about the Cubs deal kind of told the story I think.  While she’s calm, smiling and almost always holding one of the girls when seen on TV, one has to think the reality in that house is kids in a fenced in room while mom and dad sit on their speakerphones scheming how to make themselves more powerful and get more “green” (and I don’t mean that in an enviromental way, either).  You also have to know too, that they’ve learned from the best Chicago has to offer.   The only question now is, should we feel sorry for any of them???

Here’s your mission for the rest of the week.  I want to see captions and titles for the picture above.  Be blunt, don’t hold back……I want to hear them all and the one I think is the best, will be put on a t-shirt.  If you win….you’ll get yours free!

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