Posted by: blagoblogger | January 29, 2009

Blagojevich: Siannara Mother F*****S

The Governor struggling on how to 'Pop The Question' to Oprah...

The Governor struggling on how to 'Pop The Question' to Oprah...

UPDATE: 11:46 am

Would someone in the legislature please get up and slap this fool during his speech?  PLEASE???

Did he really just use the example of an illegal immigrant mother from Mexico as someone who’s working at the airport and getting state-funded healthcare from Illinois through ALL-KIDS legislation that he spear-headed?  What a moron.


As he jumps in the SUV and heads for O’Hare to jump in the airplane funded by the very tax-payers who want to see him tossed out of that same plane this morning, a lot of things have to be going through his head.  None of which I’ll bet, are “geez…..I really f’d this up.  I shouldn’t have done this at all!!!”

No….instead Blagodope is looking at things from all angles wondering how he got caught and cussing himself out for not closing those loopholes in time.

The people I really truly feel sorry for in all of this is his daughters.
To grow up knowing your dad was nothing but a bag-boy for a Chicago Mayor and had the opportunity of a lifetime by becoming Governor of a state, and failing so miserably, is going to weigh heavy on them as they grow up.

To know what a scum bucket both of their parents are, is going to be even more devastating to them and I wouldn’t doubt it if they’re put in the grandparents custody soon, but then what would happen?  History would repeat itself because Alderman Mel would raise them, just like he raised his daughter Patti, to be a greedy bottom-feeder.  The only difference is, he’ll teach them to always assume someone is recording their conversations so as not to make the same mistakes their miserable excuse parents did.

On that note, I totally expect the governor to walk in today and flip-off each and every legislator with the nasty middle finger as a last act of defiance.  Then he’ll get up there and again try to justify his actions, and why he just wanted to be friends with Oprah Winfrey.  She was of course, according to him, the reason Barack Obama is President of the United States right now.  He may not be far from the truth on that one though but that’s for another blog. 😉

Watching Fox News Chicago this morning (as we do every morning!) we saw Anne Kavanagh standing outside the home of Blago waiting for him to leave hoping to get some last, quick, witty snippet from the Guv, but was disappointed as he just ran to the SUV to now, escape the very media he was sucking on for the last 3 days.  Hah.  Imagine that….disappointed by our “twice elected by the people” Governor Blagodope.  LOL.

Here’s hoping the door doesn’t hit you in the ass on the way out of the state building today Rod, and that OUR (The People of Illinois’) King Air 300 makes it back safely because GOD FORBID you get lucky somehow and escape your criminal prosecution!!!

Time for that one, last final FLUSH!  (as he goes swirling down the pipes…)



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