Posted by: blagoblogger | February 4, 2009

This domain name is for sale BLAGOBLOG.COM

You can only write about stupidity like this, for so long. After his miserable appearance on Letterman last night, I think it’s clear that we’re all thinking the same thing.

The one thing that did amaze me though, was during his usually well prepared schpeel importing drugs and stuff from Canada, when “naming” people like he did in his Impeachment trial, the one name that didn’t surface at ALL on Letterman, was Presidential advisor Rahm Emanual. In the Impeachment closing speech he did, he couldn’t mention Rahm’s name ENOUGH! Last night….it was suspiciously vacant from his script. You have to wonder why.

This might be the last post here, until someone new buys the domain. Keep an eye out for it on under “ for sale”!


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