Posted by: blagoblogger | February 17, 2009

Barack, Burris and Blago, OH MY!

Barack Obama. Born supposedly in the United States, (although that question still seems to be up in the air).  I mean, come on…..if you get elected and can’t keep your real birth certificate in an underground safe never to be seen by human eyes again, (at least for the next 4 years), how effective of a President would you had made anyway??? 😉


We saw a lot of great speeches on his bumpy road to the white house. The man could sell ice to an Eskimo and isn’t that what being a politician is all about? Justifying why you’re screwing the very people who put you in office?

What the country has seen since his historic (cough!) inauguration is simply a taste of what we here in Illinois, have been dealing with since the beginning of time. The problem now though, is that we talking the “President”, and anyone who he will manage to yank out of his toilet of Chicago candidates, will inevitably come out of that toilet a little stinky.
I mean……they’re Democratic Politicians. Their motto is “It’s only against the law, if you get caught”. Look at the first cabinet picks he’s made. It’s apparent that politicians don’t like to pay their taxes, and it’s also apparent that the IRS lets them get away with that practice too. In my world, as an ordinary tax-paying citizen of the United States of America, if I don’t pay my taxes, I get threatening letters from the IRS saying they’re going to freeze my assets and take my home away if I don’t “pay up”. I guess I should become a politician.

Back to Bumbling Barack. Look at the decisions he’s made in his first month (not even), in office. Every one of them has been flawed, yet we’re to believe he’s going to walk across the waters of this financial crisis and pull each and every one of us to safety? When the ship is going down (and we’ve got a major hole in the hull, Martha!), he’s going pass out life vests to those he (or the “Party”) believes, should have em.

That’s what’s happening with the new stimulus bill. The largest spending package this country has ever seen and who’s getting it? The people who put this country in crisis in the first place. Doesn’t that make sense? It’s like sending a box of Bic Clicks to a pyromaniac who’s now working in a gas station. This stimulus plan will fail on a grand level and then we’ll hear more excuses out of Mr. Obama, just as we did here in Illinois during his entire tenure as a Jr. Senator. He did nothing while he was here but the media wasn’t concerned about that. He was the first (half) black candidate for President of the United States of America and let me tell you…..political parties will kill to be in that position. Those who put a minority in the Presidency first, will make history.

But let’s talk about history for a minute. Let’s talk about President Obama’s history. He became a U.S. Senator in Illinois in 2004 and the first thing he did was dispel rumors of him immediately beginning to run for President.

His exact words were:

“I will not be seeking the office of the President of the United States”.

He then proceeded to help (then Governor) Rod Blagojevich, bankrupt the State of Illinois backing healthcare initiatives for illegal aliens with programs that everyone KNEW we didn’t have the money for, but they passed the legislation anyway because hey…it looked good in the headlines, until you read the whole story. Sound familiar?

Then, when the Democratic party saw his unbelievable ability to sell snowballs to a snowman, they had to seize the opportunity. Barack Obama, months after telling the people of Illinois who he promised “CHANGE” to in state government at the state and local level, then went missing in action for us and left state business to the severely inept, Senior Senator Dick Durbin.

The man did absolutely nothing for Illinois after promising us the world. Now we’re seeing a reenactment of that audacity of lies, but on a national level. The man who merely had to talk smoothly to his way to a state senate seat, is now the President of the United States of America and doing what he did here in Illinois, only now, on a much larger scale.

Nobody wants to talk about his past though. When asked about it, you get the standard “It’s time to move on and talk about TOMORROW” is what they say. But to understand tomorrow, you MUST have an understanding of what happened yesterday, and the day before and understand the mistakes that were made so they’re not repeated.

Barack Obama doesn’t understand this. Like a race horse with blinders on, he ran the bet he could and now that he’s won, he’s counting on others in the Democratic Party to lead him around on a leash.  He has made history already by being elected as the first (half) black President in this country’s history, yet when he campaigned for his Senate seat, the emphasis was more on his white mother. What makes him more “black”, than “white”? Why is he not just….. another President?

Look at the decisions this man has made in his life on the way to the top. Try and count the number of people Barack Obama has thrown under his ride while seemingly on automatic pilot.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Here’s a guy who’s been preaching racist, anti-American rhetoric for YEARS, but after years of attending services there, suddenly he became “not the rev” for the Obama’s. Boom…..out the door and under the bus he went with the mouthy, black wanna-be Rev. Michael Pfleger following shortly afterwards!

The little Obama girls were crying because the ride to the White House was getting SO bumpy. They asked the driver to slow down, but their mother and father just laughed as they tossed long-time friends underneath their Obama-mobile, one after another, because every one they made it over successfully without the media concentrating on them too much, just gave them more momentum.

Many people followed in becoming speed-bumps but it didn’t deter the nation from being woo’d from the sound of his voice and those oh so powerful words of “CHANGE”!

Well…what’s changed? He’s continued to make bad decision after bad decision. Most of the people he picked for cabinet positions are IRS Dead-beats! They’re pissed because the only REASON they got caught not paying their taxes, was because Obama “tapped” them!! LOL! Until then, they were flying under the radar of the law. If that were you or me doing what they did, we’d be in jail for tax-fraud but once again we know, politicians don’t have to abide by the same laws us ordinary people do, do they.  Look at Ted Kennedy.

Now we’re all waiting until the day the U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald announces that everyone from Barack to Burris, to Blago and a host of others were involved in the sale of Obama’s Senate Seat.

I mean, come on….how stupid are we suppose to be to believe that the question of who would fill his seat, NEVER came up BEFORE he was elected??  LOL


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