Posted by: blagoblogger | January 4, 2010

An Open Letter To Donald Trump

January 4, 2009

Dear Mr. Trump,

The only word I can think of right now is “disgusted“.  I just read the news release in the local paper and for some odd reason, I honestly in my heart of hearts, thought you would reconsider having Rod Blagodope on this season’s show….but was sadly mistaken.

This is beyond exploitation to get ratings.  You are now intending to taint the possible jury-pool for this political thug.  You have not lived what we as Illinois residents have lived through.  This is a new low and I’m frankly surprised to see this type of trash on your television show and I have to admit that after years and years of enjoying the challenges you’ve put together for people, I, as well as every person I can influence in this state, will not be watching Apprentice again.

Not only will I boycott your show, I will make a list of every advertiser who buys space on your show and make sure that everyone knows who has a hand in tainting the jury-pool for Rod Blagodope.  It disgusts me beyond belief that you would let your series go out like this because sir….this will be the last year of your show and it will be solely, because of the choice of contestants.  I would rather see Louis Farrahkan or David Spade on your show, than Rod Blagojevich.

You are not just playing with ratings now.  You are now playing with the American Justice System and placing the people of Illinois BEHIND that turd of an ex-governor for the sake of what…..television ratings?  Mr. Testicular Virility has bankrupt our state and screwed everyone he could in the process and now you want to put him back in the limelight which for some sick reason, is all this guy cares about.  “How will my hair look today?”  That is the first thing that runs through Rod’s demented brain every morning when he wakes up with a fame-induced woody with Patty (aka potty-mouth or dead tarantula-breath) running her hands through his hair saying “It’s ok idiot….look at what you did for all those kids!  Let them say what they want! We have our Swiss bank account and I promise all that money will still be there when you get out!  HONEST A**HOLE!”

Beginning on the premiere day of your show, I will ask the people of Illinois, or anyone who’s traveling though downtown area of Chicago past the Trump Tower, to bring with them one or more rolls of toilet paper and to leave it with the doorman at your new high rise on Michigan Avenue.  You will no doubt need these to help remove the brown tarnish that will forever be on your new shiny tower in Chicago.  Not since the Dave Matthews Band, has anyone sh*t on us with a smile on their face like Blago has done.

Just doing this show, Rod probably goes back to his room every night and dry-humps his night-stand before saying “good night good lookin!” and pretending to outdraw himself in the mirror because he thinks he’s got just one more person on his side since he has the uncanny ability to look you in the eyes and lie, all the while knowing that he’s going to screw you in the end.  This seems to be a trait of politicians in/from Illinois.  It’s a shame though, people don’t realize what they’ve let them do, until it’s too late.

Donald Trump in the same proverbial gutter as Rod Blagojevich.  Who would have ever thunk it?



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