Posted by: blagoblogger | January 8, 2010

NBC, Donald Trump and TIME Magazine?

What do all three of these have in common? Right now it’s their love of Blagodope!

Time Magazine today, in honor (or actually now a dishonor!) of what would be Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday last week, released their Top-Ten list of Elvis ‘Impersonators’ naming Blagodope #2. I’m sorry, but I refuse to post a link to the article. I saw it posted in someone’s blog.

I find it absolutely disgusting and repulsive that:

1. …they even use his name in the same magazine as Elvis’s, and..

2. … TIME magazine has basically flipped the bird to it’s readers, along with the entire population of Illinois by giving this over-zealous turd, a courtesy that a lot people would kill for (figuratively speaking of course!).

You have to wonder how much money it would have to cost to have TIME Magazine put your name in there and why someone would pay to have it done FOR him!  Regardless, I think it’s time again to call for a boycott of the famous red fronted magazine.  I personally haven’t picked up an issue and looked at it since they had Mayor Daley on the cover.

Here’s (flipping the bird) to you, TIME Magazine!


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