Posted by: blagoblogger | April 20, 2010

Gag this idiot already!

Dick Daley made this guy.  He’s a moron.  He was made in Daley’s image, though Dick was satisfied with his kingdom (Chicago), Rod started believing everything they told him.  It’s almost sad…..almost.

He’s electronically inept which makes you wonder how he ran the state of Illinois for 6 years!  He all but admitted his guilt on Celebrity Apprentice!  Now, he’s back on the boob-tube demanding that the Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald answer questions about evidence in his trial! LOL!

Blago, you dope!  All these questions, and a lot more, will be addressed in your upcoming (and hopefully short) corruption trial!

There are only 2 questions to answer right now…..

1. What size orange jumpsuit do you wear?

2. Will the inmates at the federal pen demand that even YOU, wear a hairnet when preparing grub with George Ryan?


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