Posted by: blagoblogger | April 25, 2010

The damage is done….

Like Blagojevich being ousted after 6 years in office as the Governor of Illinois, Barack Obama’s damage to this country will be irreversible.  Look at the condition of the State of Illinois.  The same thing is happening to the country because it’s a Chicago politician in the White House who could very well be indicted for lying to the FBI about the dealings for his old Senate seat.  For anyone to think that he was quietly sitting the corner with his fingers in his ears while all this was going on, is like thinking Daley is the most squeeky-clean politician there is. 😉

Unfortunately in my personal opinion, it’s too late.  The damage is done.  There was ways to reverse it in Illinois, but it wouldn’t be “Politically Correct” to do it so here we sit in a sea of debt with no way of paying for it.  Politicians meantime try to come up with solutions to find “new money” but in ridiculous places.

Repealing ALL-KIDS (meant to insure the state’s population of illegals) and cutting off pro-illegal alien organizations like the ICIRR, would be a good place to start to save millions of our dollars, but that would be too easy.

When  you’re “impeached” from office for corruption, every Executive Order you signed should automatically be repealed, or reviewed.


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