Posted by: blagoblogger | July 27, 2010

Blago, the kids, Patti, Daley. What do they all have in common?

The FBI.  They all hate the FBI, up to and including Robert Grant, the SAC of Chicago.

First though, I’m going to toot my own horn here for a minute because everything I’ve called this dope out on for the last 3 years since the inception of the (widely ripped off) Blago Blog.  If you go back and do some reading….you’ll find that Miss Chleo ain’t got ***t on me!  All the questions I was asking all along, are now somewhat being addressed.  Way too late to do anything, but that’s the way the system works here in Illinois.  When anyone is FORCED to take responsibility for something they’ve done illegally, wait til no one cares anymore before addressing it and then it won’t be SO bad!

Every politician, religious leader and public official who should be going to jail in this case, aren’t.  Why?  Because they’re all smart enough to have someone else do their dirty work for them, or pick up their money-bag donations for their campaign chests.  Everyone from Jesse Jackson Jr, up to and including President Barack Obama should be out of office right now for being connected in the shameful act of selling a Senate seat.  We the people of Illinois have been raped and pillaged for years by Chicago Democratic Leaders.   The people in Chicago getting killed, the POLICE OFFICERS IN CHICAGO GETTING KILLED, shouldn’t have to be dying because of a shortage in the city coffers.

No one asks about the money from the sale of the Chicago Skyway.  No one asks about the money from the parking meter scandal. (I take that back….Fox News Chicago’s Dane Placko did mentions that in a story).  How much money has the city of Chicago spent trying to sue gun manufacturers in an effort to bankrupt them so there’s no one left to oppose Daley’s gun control ideas?  How much money was spent on the attempt to get the 2016 Olympics?  How much money was spent on O’Hare Expansion when in reality, when it’s all done, will do nothing for the city of Chicago and/or O’Hare Airport and when you walk through the lower terminal, it’ll still smell like a urinal!

FACT: Daley could have a whole lot more cops on the street but his buddies come first…..and that’s a hard truth to swallow.

How much money has Blago doled out to special interests like (ICIRR) The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights?  I know the number was at least 3 million dollars a year a few years ago after signing the New Americans Initiative Executive Order, and this organization was the main catalyst for the people and smaller organizations who march every year in May trying to sway the government to legalize, illegal aliens.  Those marches alone cost the city of Chicago MILLIONS of dollars for additional manpower each time they march, yet try and get an exact number out of them via FOIA and it’ll “get lost” somewhere.

Let’s think about that one for a minute.  The Governor signs the New American Initiative by way of Executive Order because he knows it’ll never pass the legislature, so there’s a new reason to give the ICIRR money every year to organize marches that oppose current federal laws.  Those marches cost the taxpayers even more money in emergency services.

Blago has earmarked millions of dollars for ALL-KIDS, and the unfortunate part of this is that this was not done for the legal children of Illinois, but for the illegals and their parents! ALL-KIDS, was all part of the plan with Congressman Luis Gutierrez and Daley to give more entitlements to illegals in Illinois, which kept the wages low for those big campaign donors!  Now enter the SEIU!!  Almost as big as the Teamsters, they too are pushing for legalization of illegals because 90% or more of illegal aliens are in the Service industry and they could be recruited by the SEIU.  That would make them the largest union in the world!

Follow the money.  Because directly or indirectly, it comes from the top and the top used to be Blago.  In 6 years he never once actually thought about who he was working for (us).  He did what the party wanted him to do, and then when he got too big for his britches, he did what benefited him and his family. Why is it, they can create new laws in Illinois to deal with things like the Drew Peterson case (Referring to the ‘Hear-say law’), but can’t for Blago?  Because too many other politicians would fall.  Look at the silence right now of the Chicago Dems.  It’s deafening!

When convicted (and I’m sorry…..I have absolutely no doubt he will be), every law this man signed needs to be reversed, or publicly looked at again by the legislature!  Everything!  Because some of these laws and Executive Orders were done to indirectly benefit him, and or the Democratic Party in Illinois.

Which brings me lastly… Dick Daley.  If you’ve caught any of the news this week regarding him and the jabs at the FBI, you have to realize that when Daley falls… will be because of them. 😉  Of course Daley is getting nervous…..he knows he is the real target in all of these federal investigations.  Sooner than later, someone’s going to roll over on him.  It’ll be interesting when dominos start to fall!


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