Posted by: blagoblogger | August 18, 2010

Juror didn’t want to fight….so they let him off?

That’s not exactly what being a juror is about.  It’s not about keeping peace in the jury room, it’s about justice being done and the fact that they let this verdict go on the sale of the senate seat charge, tells me that this jury was sold out.  One person, who knows that they’re going to be infamous very soon for being the lone-holdout, made the decision to let corruption win in this case.  A sad testament to our laws.  He should have been tried in Omaha, Nebraska.  Not Chicago.  How stupid was that.

Fox News Chicago played the entire rant by Blagodope after the trial.  1, he should had shut up a lot earlier than he did.  2, he almost put his own wife Patti, to sleep.  Watch the rant.  Watch Patti’s eyes bouncing as if she’s reading along with Rob, what he’s suppose to say.  Then at the end….his mouth outruns his brain (not hard to do..) and starts spouting about how good it is to hear his innocence on all counts….(but 1 he mutters). lol!

This morning, Fox News was asking people about the ‘cost’ of a retrial and everyone was saying no, that’s too much etc…

Where was Fox News asking people about all the stupid gun manufacturer lawsuits that the City of Chicago had started?  What’s the cost of Chicago being  “sanctuary city” for illegal gang bangers and their families?

Let’s get the proper perspective on this please.  We need this re-trial at ANY cost, and they need to bring in Barack Obama and company (Rahm, Jesse Luis…etc…) so we can the proper “scope” of this investigation.

I said it 2 years ago when this whole ordeal started….to sit back and think Obama had nothing to do with the sale, or attempted sale of his seat, is just flat out ignorance.

We’re all tired of corrupt politicians.  We’re not reaping any great benefits from these tools and their criminal minds.


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