Posted by: blagoblogger | August 18, 2010

Misonceptions of the term ‘hung jury’

Rod Blagojevich - MoronAfter talking to many people today about the Blagodope verdict(s), I learned something very interesting.  A  lot of people didn’t get or understand the term “Hung Jury”.  They thought it meant there was a 50/50 decision on his guilt when in fact, that’s the farthest thing from the truth.  A “Hung Jury” simply means that there was at least 1 person who didn’t think he committed the crime in question.

Granted, we weren’t in court.  We didn’t hear the testimony of the witnesses, but come on…..I’ve been calling “BullSH*T” on Blago since his election.  All this week’s verdict means is that they have perfected, the crooked politician.  It’s that simple.

Nobody talks to anyone direct, about anything direct.  It’s all “he said, she said”.  Why didn’t the prosecution invoke the Drew Peterson “Hear-say” law?  Why didn’t the jury take that into account???  Is that law ONLY reserved for Drew Peterson?

Why didn’t someone create a “Blagodope Law”??  Surely you could get people to line up and say “yes…..I met him and he truly IS an idiot!”

Bottom line is that they tried him in Chicago, and in Chicago…..this is the status quo and it’s obvious that even when you pick 12 jurors…..odds are, one of them will disregard the “law”, and consider it’s in Chicago in his decision.  Someone needs to take that juror out and show him the books on Illinois, they drag him through the streets of Chicago’s south side, so he can with his own eyes see, that the tens of millions or maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars that Blagodope squandered on his own personal interests, could have built one hell of a police force in Chicago.

Don’t be too proud of that one lone holdout Rod.  That simply means that to 95% of the people out there, you really are the idiot you portray on television.


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