Posted by: blagoblogger | January 24, 2011

Did Jay Leno hit the nail on the head?

A couple of nights ago, I was watching Jay Leno after the local news on NBC5 Chicago.   He got right into the news of the day about Chinese President  Hu Jintao spending a few days in Chicago, and had this to say about it…

“While visiting Chicago, President Hu met with Cubs fans. Apparently, he wanted to see some Americans who have suffered more human rights violations than his own people.

Even though President Hu was only in Chicago for two days, by the Rahm Emanuel standard, he was able to establish residency and can now run for mayor of Chicago

Is there anything about Chicago that won’t make it the butt of every joke?

Look….he even left clothes and stuff packed away in his house! Bwahahaha!

That, had to be one of the dumbest supposed precedents I’d ever heard.  People all over, have homes they’ve moved out of (keeping them as investment properties), and moved on.  I still have a few things in my mother’s house.  Does that mean that I can vote as Cook County resident now as well?  I don’t think so.

“But….he still pays taxes on his home on Hermitage Ave”.   Yes….because he still owns it.  Anyone who owns property in Chicago, has to pay taxes on it, EVEN IF THEY LIVE OUT OF TOWN, AND NOT IN THAT HOUSE!  That’s one of the dumbest excuses I’ve heard yet.

Here’s the bottom line for all the sheep in Rahm’s herd….  The City of Chicago states that you must live IN the city limits for a “year” PRIOR to running for office.  ( a year, is defined legally as being 365 days!) If he lived here, 360 of the 365 days of prior year, then he doesn’t qualify….period.  Silly?  Maybe…maybe not.

The Residency Requirement in Chicago has been used and challenged on hundreds of occasions and to be honest, I can’t think of one time that they (being the City of Chicago), lost.

A few more serious questions regarding Rahm, are now….did he file his amended Illinois tax return with the intent to commit fraud?  Did he commit Vote-Fraud by voting here in Chicago in the last elections?  Did he commit perjury when testifying before the board of Elections, knowing that he was not eligible?   This ruling will open up Pandora’s Box.

It’s just not the same Chicago as when you left, Rahm.’s a bitch, eh?

(we can only hope that Patrick Fitzgerald is taking notes.)


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