Posted by: blagoblogger | March 9, 2011

Blago: “Sentence Me! Please!” (something stinks here!)

The Chicago Tribune and other media outlets are now reporting that Blago is asking to be sentenced now on his crime he didn’t commit. lol.

Ok……so for years we heard “when the truth comes out, I’ll be vindicated!”, and now….with the retrial getting ready to start, he’s singing a different tune and no one is getting the implications of this? What could POSSIBLY make Blagodope change his mind about Jail? Could it be……Rahm taking office?

Could it be that Obama’s involvement WILL come out in this retrial? Sure…..put it off until he’s at LEAST out of office. At least then, years later, it won’t seem as bad that the President of the United States actually help sell his old Senate seat, right?

It also won’t matter that Rahm helped him 5 years down the road because he’ll have had plenty of time to charm Chicagoans by then. He could be killing little kittens in some weird ritual and people wouldn’t believe it because he WAS the CHOSEN one, wasn’t he??

Here’s my take on this new development. Obama and Emmanuel have both been notified that they WILL BE TESTIFYING IN THIS UPCOMING RE-TRIAL, and the information brought forth from this NEW testimony will bury both of them. Therefore, Blago has been told to suck it up and say hi to George Ryan.

It’s always been the theory that crimes are not as serious when addressed years after they’ve been committed, especially with politicians.

I don’t think Blago should have a choice in this. The people have right to know what this scumbag did while in office and who helped him do it…..period.



  1. This is too funny. It’s going to backfire on him watch! LOL!

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