Posted by: blagoblogger | December 10, 2011

warming up a whole new crowd…

There’s talk of a new NBC Reality Show setting up as we speak.  With Trump’s Presidential debate falling apart before it even airs, there’s a rumor that cameras are being installed at 2 Federal penitentiaries (ala CBS’s Big Brother Reality Show).  Inmates are already screaming about “Hey, I’m in JAIL! Can you leave me alone now?” that’s going to be airing sometime in the first quarter of 2012 (ok…not really, but you know they’re talking!)  The show will of course be centered around the 4th Illinois Governor to go to jail, Rod Blagojevich.  While Leno cracks jokes in his Monologue about Rod, the draw to this show will obviously be when Rod finally tells all.  One of the most pressing questions on anyone’s mind in this (yet another) post-conviction era of Illinois Governors sent to prison, and probably the single biggest fear of his new neighbors (or cellmates!), will be THOSE BALLS!

Testicular Virility Man as seen in 2005!

Most likely having landed in prison from an investigation triggered by his very own father-in-law, Chicago alderman Dick Mell after a family argument, Rod bragged about his Testicular Virility earning him the coveted “Testicular Virility Man” cartoon debuting here 8 years ago on (yeah…..I’ve been at this too long).

All kidding aside, and not wanting Rod’s balls to go to the wayside now that it’s all said and done, I commissioned my ace on-the-spot artist Dave Curbis for something a little more up to date and with the times, pertaining to Rod and his unbelievably stupidity, and yes….balls.  Dave graced me with this little ditty, that I had to share.  I’m calling it “Dec my Balls, bitch!”  Let’s face it…Rod’s destine to be the top-banana in prison.  We now know that Rod not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk….even when it’s off a plank!   The only cliff-hangers now will be, will the obvious people soon join him? Lot’s of people are squirming right now, from current and former Congressmen to a sitting President, because anyone who believes that the man seated in the White House right now, HAD NO IDEA THAT ANY OF THIS WAS GOING ON RIGHT UNDER HIS NOSE, is either just plain stupid, or will have to plea the 5th.  If this investigation stops with Blagojevich, justice will not had been done and it will prove once and for all, that both of Rod’s trials were in fact, nothing more than a dog n pony show specifically designed by some very high-up people, to draw attention off of the truth.

Merry Christmas Rod and Family, but you apparently STILL haven’t done the right thing, and all the faith in God, isn’t going to lessen your sentence now.


Them Balls

"Dec the balls, Bitch!"


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