Posted by: blagoblogger | December 11, 2011

Time to replay things…..

First….Happy Belated Birthday Rod.  I think for the first time in all my years of blogging about you, I saw a truly humbled man tonight in a news interview about the family adopting a new dog.  I have to admit, that when first hearing this story I assumed it was just another BS manufactured story to reflect on the Blagojevich family and wonderful they are.  Why wouldn’t I?  Look at everything we’ve been forced to endure, since his fist being accused of selling Obama’s Senate seat.  Every move they’ve made, every interview, every camera shot, was carefully calculated to get the biggest bang, for their buck by a PR firm, or attorney.  Now it’s over.  It doesn’t matter, and I have to admit, even I feel bad for them.  I think most of my feelings are for the kids, but in that interview on Fox News, you didn’t see “angry Patty” either, but for the first time ever…..I think we’ve seen a defeated Patty, who now really needs to step up the “mom” job.

The kids are reading a lot, seeing a lot on TV and probably hearing things constantly at home, yet, it’s their dad everyone’s talking about and sometimes, no matter what they say, it doesn’t matter.  Some day they might find out that he was probably set up by the higher-ups to divert attention from the real issues at hand.  A seated U.S. President who very well may have known about what was going on, but to acknowledge that would put a ripple in everything “American” that people for too long now, have seen….but ignored.

Yeah…..Rod’s going to jail.  I would much rather it be the real criminals, though.

(to be continued….)


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