Posted by: blagoblogger | February 28, 2012

Right when even I was starting to feel sorry for them….

THIS (NBC Story of Patti on The Pig’s, show) turns up online.

I clicked the link.  I don’t know why….I guess it’s Train Wreck Syndrome.  I can’t stand Rosie, but I was starting to get sympathetic to the Blago family when the Christmas story about them getting a puppy to replace their Dad, aired (poor dog).

5 seconds into the video, I turned it off because Rosie, started the interview off with “When the FBI broke into your house in the morning, <CLICK>.  Closed the link because if the first 5 seconds were bullshit, the rest would be, too.
FACT: The FBI was courteous enough to Phone First and ask you to open the door so as not to totally throw the kids into a panic.

Patti….give it a f’ing rest.  There’s no one but your Dad, and your husband, to blame for this entire ordeal.  You’re setting a TERRIBLE example for your children.  You’re teaching them, that even when you lie, cheat, steal and abuse the publics’ trust, that if you simply DENY, DENY, DENY…..all is ok.  If I were with DCFS, I’d start proceedings to remove your children from your home.  Tell them the truth.  Daddy F’d UP and got caught.  BIG BALLS DON’T ALWAYS WIN!  Oh yeah….and their Grandpa is a POS.

…and for God’s sake…..give the puppy away.  The kids will take all their frustrations out on the poor thing and don’t expect one to rat out the other, because you and Rod have taught them that “Family Secrets” are the most important thing in life.

Oh yeah….and Rosie….you’re still a comedic hack and suck as a talk-show host.  But then, that’s just my opinion.


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