Posted by: blagoblogger | March 14, 2012

See you in 14 years Rod!

I can’t believe this man’s audacity to come out here in his last opportunity to do the right thing, to give us the old-school Rod “The Truth Will Come Out” BS.  The “truth” DID come out, Rod.  Tell us something that’ll shock us all, Rod.  You had the opportunity to tell the truth and I, and a lot of other people have very little pity for you anymore.  At one time over the holidays, even I was beginning to feel sorry for you and your family.  Not after this, though.

I pray I’m alive to see the day that Daley joins you.   You, and the rest of the criminal legislators have sent this state into an unrecoverable spin.  While you’re looking at snow-capped mountains 1010 miles away, I now understand your wish not to remain in Illinois.  It is the act of a true coward, to run.  Out of sight….out of mind, right Rod?

You’re a coward, Blago….plain and simple.


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